eBay Closes in on Complete Idiocy

Techdirt: eBay Moves Closer To Forcing Users To Use PayPal rather than an open payment system. Forcing users to use PayPal will discourage even more people from using eBay. Seems like a kind of stupid move to me.

I rarely use eBay these days because of their ever-increasing fees and hassles. This move will marginalize them all the more.

Customers don't want to be forced to do things a certain way, especially if they've been able to do it that way before. Just like my My Yahoo! home page was upgraded and improved so much I just stopped using it altogether. It was fine, annoying but fine, when they had notices to give it a try. I tried the upgraded pages and hated them instantly. When my regular page was forced into the new system, I cleared off all the content and abandoned it.

eBay seems to be taking a page from the same playbook. Make your business less open, make using it more annoying (can you say double fees?) and you too can watch your market share diminish even more rapidly than if you'd done nothing at all.

Sometimes an improvement means doing nothing at all just as sometimes the best thing to do is to not do anything at all.
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