Drinking Games

When I was younger and still had no way (well, no legal way) to get into bars, my friends and I would party like rock stars at whoever's house we could. And if there was no house to go to, we'd party at a few choice spots we had in the woods, some with cabins, some with teepees and some just open clearings with a firepit.

And, because just sitting around with your boys drinking made little sense to us, we'd play drinking games. Because we were teenage boys, the games tended toward the ability to get shitfaced with ease.

The best/worst game we played was called Suicide and involved a deck of cards and the kindness of your neighbor. Or maybe it just involved not caring how drunk you got. The game worked like this. The dealer would deal you a card and the person to your right or left would count that number while you drank. The slower the counting, the more alcohol rushed down your gullet. The more cruel of my friends could take a 2 and turn it into an entire beer slammed.

But the fun part about the game was when the direction of the person counting reversed itself and you got to count out for your pal who'd been counting you. Which is to say, it was either payback time or tit-for-tat time. Or, as that same cruel friend used to do, he didn't care, he just wanted you or the person on the other side of him as drunk as possible as soon as possible.

The better to write on them with magic markers or otherwise mess with them in a passed out state, of course. Did I mention my friends and I were mildly cruel to each other in the pursuit of fun? Yeah.

Another fun game that's known to anyone who went to college is quarters. Basically, you bounce a quarter into a glass and then make someone drink as a result. Good players could keep bouncing that quarter in many times in a row. And our quarters had an extra element, the creation of rules for successive scores. Three times in and you get to make a rule. My favorite rule of all time required the drinker to say to the person "giving" them the drink "You're not my pal" which leads to all manner of silly rules. Things like: You must drink with your left hand but put your cup back down with your right, No proper names, No saying the word "Drink", five in a row equals a social (everyone drinks), etc.

As you can imagine, the rules get sillier and sillier the drunker we got.
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