This might not make a whole lot of sense, it doesn't to me, but just try to nod along every so often and maybe it'll magically end up at something resembling an understanding.

So I just had my five month review, supposedly two months after I'd become a permanent employee with six months of service. Did that make sense? Maybe not. Let me slow down a moment.

I was hired on a full-time basis by the school district on the 5th of February. Previous to this, I'd been a temp. According to my obviously flawed mathematical reasoning, six months after February 5th is July 5th but via the use of the maddeningly obtuse bureaucratic mathematics, six months after February 5th is November 1st.

Does that make the slightest bit of sense to you because it doesn't make any sense to me at all.

What it breaks down to is six months of work is 130 working days. I need to go back through my calendar and see exactly how it really breaks down but, how I see it, the district gets an extra three months of keeping me at a lower pay scale through some creative accounting.

And, in the process, they have gone a long way to convincing me that I need to ramp up and turbo-size and afterburner-ize and supercharge my job hunt for a real job without the stupid ass bullshit bureaucratic hoops to bash up against.

In addition to all of this, I found out that I'm not allowed to take the after hours support job at one of the other schools because of union and payroll problems. It is actually illegal (not sure if that's law or union laws) for a school to hire me as a contractor for the same position I currently hold. Which is, to say, I am unable to earn additional money on my free time.

To call me a disgruntled and pissed off drone is massive understatement.

The problem with all of this is that the bureaucracy tends to weed out better employees through the application of stupid policies like these. Because a better employee has more options available to them and crappier employees do not. Once a crappy employee is entrenched in their position, they are all but impossible to remove and all but impossible to get them to do their job effectively because they have no incentive to do so. They get paid almost no matter what they do even if what they do is absolutely nothing at all.

However, in a depressed economy, decent jobs are harder to come by and the competition for them is substantially harder. But something in this situation has got to give, I just hope it isn't my sanity.
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