The Diaz Brothers

The first rule of the Diaz brothers, Nick and Nate, is: You do not fucking mess with the Diaz brothers unless you are prepared for an absolute all-out war. That's Nate on the left and Nick on the right.

Nick Diaz is a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and Nate, his "little" brother, is a brown belt. Nick fights in Elite while Nate is a rising star in the UFC.

They're from Stockton, California and they are not guys you want pissed off at you. And you damned well better not talk shit about them and then duck fights against them when they are offered or become available.

Why do I like watching the Diaz brothers fight? Because they are always working, always punching you, always looking for an armbar, triangle, guillotine or one of the more exotic submissions. They fight smart but they also fight with alot of heart and attitude. Plus Nate has a bit of showupmanship (that is, he's a showman who'll show you up if you're the fighter he just beat) that isn't so much a smackdown as it is entertaining).

Knowing one of the Diaz brothers is on the card almost guarantees a quality fight to watch. I'm glad they're not my neighbors and I for damned sure wouldn't want them pissed off at me but I always look forward to watching them get into the octagon and try bring an ass-whooping down on someone.
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