Death of a Warrior Philosopher

Evan Tanner dies in the desert.

This is sort of a shock and kind of expected all in one. Evan Tanner was a UFC mixed martial arts fighter but he was more than that. He was a biker, a thinker, a seeker and more. I've always admired how he went about his business.

I'd be lying if my first thought didn't go straight back to an evening long, long ago now. A few months after I'd moved out to California, I was at work at the health club and just happened to be talking to my brother on the phone when I saw my ex-girlfriend on the news. She lived in Arizona so something was up, I turned up the volume and learned that she'd gone missing. And there was a pretty massive search for her.

It turned out, many weeks later and after her remains were found, that she'd likely been experimenting with peyote, wandered out into the desert and died of exposure.

The news is saying Evan Tanner's motorcycle ran out of gas, he started walking in the heat of the day and didn't make it. Something he was well aware of and wrote of in the last month. Kind of like he saw the shadow of his death before it came to get him.

Rest in peace, Evan. You too, Kimberly.
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