Cool Global Surname Distributions

When I plug my last name into the World Names Profiler I actually found out something new. Well, a couple of new things.

I have relatives in Iowa that I've never heard of or met. Same for North Carolina. I've also got peeps in Australia, Canada, all through Europe, India, Japan and Argentina but none of the densities rates above a low to very low.

I did know I had relatives in Florida but I was under the impression there was just one there. There are more.

Anyway, if you've got a fairly uncommon (or, in my case, a downright rare) last name then you might have some fun poking around and finding out where your peeps are. The frequency of my name per million runs at a paltry 0.13, which means there's one person with my last name for every ten million people plus.

Kind of cool stuff.
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