Average is 25K Mbps?

I think there's something broken about the Speed.io testing site. I just ran it from behind my district firewall and got superb results, here, see for yourself. If 25K down and nearly 15K up is average then my connection at home is pathetic.

Just for fun it would be a good reminder of how far we've come to throttle a connection all the way down to 56k dial up speeds again. But it would only be fun if you could just as easily go from that skinny little straw pipe and go right back to the flippin' storm drain pipe, maybe a dial or scroll wheel to demo just how insanely fast 25K is (that's 25,000 kpbs compared to 56 kpbs or roughly 446 times as fast).

And we're not even the world leader in consumer internet speeds. Nope, it seems that it is not unusual for Japanese apartment buildings to have their own fiber connection which can deliver 100K speeds without even breaking a sweat. What can you do with 100,000 kpbs? Stream porn from five sites at once while downloading HD movies and uploading live streaming video from all four corners of your apartment. And you'd still have plenty of bandwidth leftover to send an email to mom letting her know how much you love her. Isn't technology grand?
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