The Assininity of Microsoft Products

My dislike and distaste in using shitware from Microsoft should be pretty well established by now (I'd provide links to previous rants but I'm unable to read my own blog from behind the firewall because of my potty mouthed rants).

Anyway, we've been having issues with an email server upgrade over the weekend that's broken most Entourage settings and left a large number of administrators having to resort to using the web-based interface. Which was a decent workaround but people don't really like having to learn a new process when the old one was working well for them.

So I've spent a good (or bad, depending on your point of view) portion of this week tracking down and fixing these stupid problems.

In the course of fixing the settings, I've had to install the four or five "critical" updates that Microsoft's annoying Auto-Update decrees must be done. That's fine but we're talking 180 meg plus files and they have to be updated individually which means baby sitting a machine for an hour or more at a time.

Also, when it comes time to select a hard drive to install the update on, it looks for other drives for up to a few minutes. This is a laptop without external drives attached and yet you have to sit there and wait and wait and wait for the stupid program to get its head out of its ass and get moving.

But, in an incredibly stupid move, even for the dumbfucks in Redmond, someone thought it was a good idea to make a pop under warning that stalls the update install. Think about that for a moment. The warning that stops the whole stupid process isn't visible and there's no way to know its there aside from dumb luck or boredom and you start playing around with the windows.

My disgust for the bloated shitware from Microsoft just got kicked up another three or four notches. And it already got pushed up more after moving from Office 2004 to 2008. No improvements to the applications and several processes have had to get adjusted to do what was pretty straightforward in 2004. Updating should be an improvement and not just to Microsoft's (fat) bottom line.
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