Another Genius Idea

Some days I'm just overflowing with good ideas. Yesterday I came up with a couple in the midst of some tricky tech repairs.

My latest idea for a small company is kind of gross but would be damned funny in action. The gist of it is to capture my dog's rather astonishingly awful flatulence in a ziplock baggy and mail it to someone you don't like. They get the package, open it and find a bag with nothing in it but when they open it, they get a face full of utterly nauseating canine ass gas.

How could that not be a winner?

Heck, I might just send a few gas bags out for fun. Operators are standing by to take your order. Who would you send a bag full of dog farts too?

Why yes, this is an odd post to come right after one about the presidential debates but that's just how I roll!
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