Zombie Snail

Several weeks ago I got some new fish for my tank, one of which was a gold snail. I didn't get him (or her, how can you tell, heck, how can they tell?) because he's pretty, I got him because they are algae eating machines and I've been battling algae in the tank for a long time.

A few days ago he was belly up in the back of the tank, motionless and, by all appearances, muerte (that's Frenchy-talk for dead). For two days, he did not move a millimeter, his squishy parts were drawn in and I was getting ready to scoop and dispose of his carcass.

Only this morning he was in a different place, belly down, attached to the rock but not active. After my shower he was decidedly in another different place but not apparently active.

I'm glad he's not dead but now I fear for my life because I'm pretty sure he's a zombie snail. And sure, you can see his attack coming from a mile away but I can tell he's got a thirst for brain juice. Or maybe I've watched too much Spongebob.

[Update: My wife was kind enough to take a photo and send it to me while I was writing this post as proof that he is "alive" and as well as a zombie snail can be. Doesn't he look vicious?]
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