When The Illiterate Name Children

I get the desire to have a unique name, I get the desire to carve out a little specialness for each child because each child is special and unique and awesome unto themselves.

However, there are some issues I have with people naming their children names that they don't really know how to spell. There should be a requirement to be able to spell a name properly before you are allowed to use it to name your kid.

I mean, seriously, did the parents of one student at my school actually intend on giving their child the middle name of Annn? What about the proud parents of Jonahtan (yes, that's Jonah-tan)? Or what about the boy who's middle name is Joesph?

The world is in dire need of a spell check.

And, almost forgot, please do not ever name your kid after the kind of car you want, most especially if you aspire to own a Chevy or Hyundai. Or a city, unless its something cool like Biloxi or Mississuaga, not Paris or anything lame like that. Your cooperation is appreciated by both me and your offspring who will be less likely to get beat up for having a stupid name.
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