Today's Scorecard

In chronological order.

Department meeting stretching to 2+ hours - 1
Erik getting any work done this morning - 0

Not quite enough hours on my work contract - 0
A fully employed Erik - 1

Gas nozzle - 1
Erik not smelling like gas - 0

Broken Windoze box - 1
Erik - 0

Missing Mac password - 0
Erik - 1

Two hour drive home from Santa Cruz, about 20 miles - 1
Erik's sanity - 0

Moldy rotting plums - 1
Nande sneezing about a million times - 0

New principal trying to micromanage my hours - 1
Erik - 0

Final score:
Life: 6
Erik: 2
Not a great day but it could have been worse and would have been without a couple of wins on the books. The gas one could have sucked far worse as I only got a little bit of gas on me but it still sucked. That plus the drive home from picking up a freebie from Craigslist on the westside of Santa Cruz were the two suck points on the day.

The good things are, indeed, good. I completed my work calendar and even filled in the missing 5% of my hours. I also got an interview scheduled with one of the places (no, not THE place but a place) I applied over the break. I'm pretty sure I don't really want the job as it pays just a little more than what I make now and would entail a chunky commute that would blow quickly. But I will probably do the interview just to hone my skills a bit and see if there might be a solid fit. I'm not ruling much of anything out right now.

Tomorrow should be an improvement over today if only because I'm riding my motorcycle and am at one school for the entire day.

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