Some Mornings

You know how there are some mornings when you wish the coffee maker was in your bedroom and not all the way downstairs in the kitchen? That's about how my day started.

The coffee goes in, the eyes start to crack open and the day starts to really begin.

I'm finding that my formula of late nights and early mornings isn't working as well as I might hope. One of the two is going to have to change and I don't see the mornings flexing very much so that means I've absolutely got to get to bed earlier.

I've now got a thermos full of coffee in me, ready to get cranking on my big list of tasks to try and tackle today. Funny, I don't see a nap listed on there anywhere.


At least the commute was painfree and fast. Now I just need to do a little wardriving at lunch today to find a non-firewalled Wifi signal to keep on top of a couple of other projects.

No more kvetching for now, time to put feet to pavement and resolve some problems.
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