Rate My Fictionarium

It occurred to me last night that I should see about adding ratings to the new words I create and post here and on the Fictionarium.

Imagine my joy when a quick Google search discovered that ratings are already built into the draft.blogger.com. I'm still monkeying around with getting the ratings to be visually synergistic with the rest of the blog but its pretty much under construction until I can get back to it and get all the old sidebar info added back. This is one of the problems with upgrading to the new layouts.

I wish there a way to add ratings to individual posts that linked into those ratings over there but I'm just not that good. Yet. I'll keep looking around for add-on systems that allow me to do things exactly as I want to do them.

In the meantime, head over and rate some words! Please.

[Update: I'm actually thinking that I might end up using a third party solution as its more extensible and flexible for my needs. But rate away in the meantime anyway, its all good.]
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