Randomness in Drafts

Over the course of writing Intellectual Poison, I create alot of draft posts. As of last check there are more than 900 drafts sitting and waiting (edit, after much one at a time deleting, that number is under 800) for their moment in the sun, as it were. So here are a few.

Why is something called a private matter and something else can be a open for general discussion? A private in the military is, to be blunt, everybody's bitch and a general is about the most inaccessible guy in the military. How can their ranks be so inverted to their realities?

A good rule of thumb for selecting a movie to watch. If it has any of the Carradine's in it then it is pretty well assured to suck.

Wisdom from an animated milkshake.
"Gee willikers, it must be Obvious Day at Camp Stupid" - Master Shake of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force

And how about a porn called Beaverly Hills 90269?

And finally, CatapultKits.com Have you hurled today?
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