Prepping for a Long Day

I am looking ahead to a full day of regular work, a couple of hours of afterschool supervision extra work. Then, after work, I've got a meeting at another school to see if we can work out some additional tech support in the margins, on evenings and weekends.

And then, after that shortish meeting is done, I'm scheduled to head to Grady's preschool for some parent/teacher meeting of some sort.

The skinny of it all is that it will easily be a 13 or 14 hour day when its done. The upside will be another job, this one outside my regular hours and for another elementary school in the area. That will bring my stable of schools up to 4 and my hours to something like 125% of regular time. Shame I don't get overtime for the extra hours because that would make it quite worthwhile but the devil is in the requisitions and budgeting.

Either way, I'm sure I'm going to be pretty well wiped out by the time I'm officially off the clock this evening. And it sure helps to be coughing up the many varied shades of lung butter I've got as my allergies come further and further under control of my generic Claritin.
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