New Year, Same Overbearing Control Freak Office Manager Problems

I knew it was coming, I knew the office manager at one of my schools who continually tried to get me to do things that are outside of my job specs would start trying it again. And I was not disappointed.

Today she tried to turn me into her office assistant. Just got run off a copy for each student, put enough for each teacher in their boxes, okthanksverymuchbyebye.

Let's get this straight, I'm a computer tech, I don't make copies, I don't do site administration, I don't do office work. I fix computers on campus, I create a curriculum for the students to adhere to during their free time access to the computer lab and I tend to the computer lab.

Of course, she couldn't care less about what my job is, she's an overbearing and bossy lady who's used to people jumping to attention when she barks at them. And the patent fact that I do not and will not thoroughly pisses her off to no end.

I have a meeting coming up with the principal and assistant principal on another issue but I will also mention this, let them know there's a history and that I won't be pushed to do work that's outside my job specs. They aren't paying me near enough for any above and beyond work.

The only way I'm doing two people's jobs here is if they pay me two salaries and that ain't happening.
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