Musical Genres I Just Don't Really Get

One of the best and coolest things about the internet age has been the easy access to music from any genre. File sharing makes it simple to amass a rather ridiculously huge music collection without a whole lot of effort, at least on the front end.

Some fall out from all of this music I've amassed is that I've got multiple, overlapping libraries. That is, several large folders filled with music that's partially duplicated in other large folders filled with music. Up until now, there's been no simple way of consolidating the files into one massive master folder.

But, with a large external hard drive to temporarily store stuff on and iTunes 7 (or whatever number it is now) I've been able to combine all of these disparate music folders into one huge ass folder with more than 80 gigs of music.

Now comes the fun part of de-duping within iTunes. Basically Apple-clicking duplicate songs and then deleting them. It seems like it could be really easy to automate but there's plenty of songs I actually want the multiple copies of, some songs are live, some are covers, some are compilations, some are duets. Anyway, the process is ongoing, tedious and slow but will result in a sparkling clean music library.

However, this post wasn't so much about all of the music I've accumulated but rather than some of it is just too alien and outside my tastes.

I've learned that I like some Blues but find it gets pretty repetitive quickly and starts to sound an awful lot alike. I've found that I don't really care for Jazz much. And I find 99% of country music to pretty much suck.

Just as I tend to find heavy metal to be tedious, repetitive and mostly unlistenable. And yes, that includes its demon spinoffs, speed metal, death metal, grunge metal and folk metal (yeah, I made the last one up).

And, during my delightful time here in Watsonville, I've been exposed to more crappy Mexican music than you could even begin to imagine. Or maybe its just the same crappy Mexican song played over and over again at varying volumes, I can't really tell nor do I really care. It's awful crap and it really doesn't get even a tiny bit better when its turned up so loud I can hear it a block away.

Oh yeah, celeb-rock. When idiot pop-tarts have been sniffing their own farts too much and somehow think they can sing. Did you happen to know that Lindsay Lohan is currently working on her third or fourth CD? Or utter morons like Paris Hilton, who isn't a celebrity, singing her perfect crap music. Scarlett Johannson is another ego wanking singer who can't sing worth a pile of beans but is eagerly working on her second album. Why?

All of this bitching and whining might make a reader wonder what kind of music I actually do like since the list of stuff I don't like is pretty extensive.

Well then. I have always loved classic rock like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Who, The Police and others of the same ilk. I love Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Junior Gong, Pato Banton, Yellowman, Eek-a-Mouse, Third World, Inka Inka, Peter Tosh and a whole host of reggae stars I'm overlooking. I love ska, especially punky ska like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones but also Madness, Desmond Dekker, the Skatalites, Sublime and No Doubt (though they are less and less ska and much more mainstream rock). I do not like crap like Reel Big Fish. I like island music like Harry Belafonte, Baja Men (they have many more songs than the one overplayed but still entertaining Who Let the Dogs Out), Shaggy, Jimmy Buffett and steel drum bands.

I like clever music like Handsome Boy Modeling School. I like bluesy-rock like The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. I like alternative music like Weezer, Wilco and Cake.

What it comes down is liking what I like, knowing what I don't like and going with what works over what doesn't. My wife says my musical tastes reflect my inability to keep focused on anything for very long, she calls it ADD music. Which is fine, I still know what I like.