The McCain Chronicles: VP Milfamania

After having thought about John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin for his running mate for the last day or two, I've got an idea of why he did it. Its part of his strategy to confuse and keep the Democrats counter punching. It keeps him in the driver's seat.

Sarah Palin may be hot, I can see it but she doesn't do much for me, but she's pro-life even in cases of rape and incest, pro big-oil, believes in the intellectually stunted concept of creationism and her appointment is more strategic than anything else. She has almost no political experience and is supposed to be ready to step in and take over in case the president is incapacitated? Are they serious? She's supposed to be ready for that? By what freakish stretch of qualifications could they they think she could ever step in much less be ready for it in under six months?

She is low hanging fruit for severely warped Hillary supporters who would rather directly oppose Hillary's wish to support Obama. I don't know how large a group those people are but I'm hopeful they are not numerous. How angry do you have to be to vote for the exact opposite of what you are asked to do? How short sighted and stupid do you have to be to see Sarah Palin and vote for her because she's a woman with pretty much the exact opposite worldview as Hillary Clinton? And no experience.

Sarah Palin may inject some excitement into the election but this is a near desperation move by McCain. He knows he's trailing and will only trail further and further until his efforts are completely futile. Bringing Sarah Palin on board might slow down the process but I don't think it will change the end result.

McCain loses, Obama wins, the world rejoices, America can hold its head up again and be proud of itself and can start to undo the massive harm done over the last 8 years.
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