He Blogs Politics So I Don't Have To

It helps that my pal Jack over at What Would Jack Do regularly blogs politics. I've tried to but I find myself shaking with rage far too often and that's just not healthy.

One of my favorite series he's been running is categorized as The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans and has lately been detailing the myriad insanities muttered by John McCain on his trudge towards the glory of GOP nomination for President.

I know there are staunch Republicans who'd rather buy a hybrid than vote Democrat. And I suppose, on some levels, I can respect that loyalty although I'd metaphorize it into being the abusee in a dysfunctional relationship. Unless you've gotten rich over the last eight years, you're the backs the GOP has been standing on to get rich. If you have gotten rich then send some of the ill gotten loot my way (I promise to shut up if you do). Backing the Republican party at this juncture is like trying to live with your head in the sand. The GOP has made such a thorough clusterfucking mess of the world that its hard to remember that things weren't always so damned bleak and awful in the US.

There was a time when there were jobs, when there was money for everyone, when Americans abroad didn't pretend they were from Canada, there was a time when the presidential scandals involved plump interns, cigars and stained dresses. Now the scandals involve thousands of dead soldiers, an intractable war, an economy on life support with rolling blackouts and an overall level of venality unseen since Attila walked the earth.

I'm not saying everything will be all roses when Barack Obama is elected President. It won't. Ships don't right themselves in a heartbeat and the damage done over the last eight years will take some time to undo. But damn, oh damn it is about frigging time to start undoing the damage.

And voting for McCain is a vote for more of the same ugly bullshit politics we've suffered plenty of for the last 8 years. Aren't you ready for a real change? Aren't you ready for some hope and some light at the end of the long, angry tunnel? Barack Obama brings hope and a vision for the America we all know, remember and loved.

Anyway, Jack's got the quality GOP slammin' goods. Check him out. His truth only hurts those who aren't ready to open both eyes and recognize how deeply unfit John McCain is to lead this country.
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