Death by Texting

It comes as no surprise to me that the incidence of testing related injuries is rising rapidly. No, not sore thumbs, more like people spraining ankles, falling off bikes and even being hit by cars. All while their attention is focused not on the road or where they are but on the little screen with the little letters on it.

Techdirt has this, ER Doctors Warn About Walking While Texting; When Will We Start Seeing Laws? And I'd probably respond, pretty damned quick. Lawmakers love to try and legislate common sense (seatbelt laws, handsfree phone in the car laws, etc) but you can't really force people to not be idiots. Sure, they'll get a ticket every now and again but the underlying problem hasn't gone away.

The trouble is that our lives are so busy from start of the day through to the end that it is hard for people to actually stop and focus on one thing for more than a moment. We are conditioned to multi-task because life demands it. We eat while driving, we take care of our kids while driving, we do so many things at once that it feels almost natural to just toss one more activity on top of it all.

But if you're frantically texting while crossing a street then there's a reasonable chance you won't make it to the other side. And is it really so very critically important that you read and respond to your texts that immediately or maybe it can wait until you're not standing in the way of multi-ton vehicles bearing down at you? I'd hope the latter but apparently that isn't always the case.
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