Be Here Now

This is more a reminder to myself than a blog post to help others. It has that capacity but its really about reminding myself how important it is to exist in the here and now rather than looking backwards or forwards to what was and what shall be.

There is an inherent peace in existing in the now. There is a presence in the present that requires hindsight and foresight to be shelved for another time and there is happiness in being present.

I try to keep it in mind that these minutes and hours and days I get with my little boys are fleeting and will be gone forever before I know it. I remind myself of this and my "need" to check email, baseball scores, update my game queues and whatever else I thought I had to do becomes secondary. Then I'm more able to give my attention and energies to my boys and we can play and have more fun than we could by playing on our own.

Be here now, exist in this moment and you might be surprised at how much less stress you might feel. Your attention is one gift that you can give away again and again and never run out of it, just like a smile. Be generous with it.
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