The Amateur Face of Professional Fighting

Kimbo Slice, the backyard bare-knuckle brawler who found fame on YouTube turned MMA star, has had his upcoming fight announced. He's going to fight UFC hall-of-famer elect and should have retired a couple of years ago but can't because of ego issues, Ken Shamrock.

Yes, the same Ken Shamrock who used to be an extraordinary fighter with awful whisker work (that's bad beard and facial hair). Yes, the same Ken Shamrock who got his ass resoundingly kicked by Tito Ortiz despite Tito's rapidly declining skills (which look far worse because of the equally rapid evolution of the rest of the sport) not once but twice. I have a ton of respect for what Ken Shamrock has done in his career as a mixed martial artist. But I have zero respect for this fight and I have little respect for Kimbo Slice if they keep giving him these lame duck fights. I mean, come on, look how old and tired Ken looks in the picture they're using to promote the fight! He looks like he skipped his nap for the photo shoot. And couldn't they airbrush some of that grey off him?

Kimbo Slice, aka Kevin Ferguson, has some fighting skills but there's a reason the promoters over at Elite XC aren't putting him in the octagon against real fighters in their prime. Because he will get his ass utterly kicked and the Elite XC's main draw will look like the low-end amateur fighter he really is.

Don't get me wrong, Kimbo can fight. He can kick the shit out of most anyone in a backyard brawl. But he's not fighting unprepared goombas in a backyard. Now he's supposed to be facing real MMA fighters. But so far he's been given tomato cans to pound on and even the tomato cans are giving him more fight than he can handle. So much so that many people think he might have actually lost his last fight to Thompson.

Ken Shamrock's best fighting days are long, long behind him but I bet he actually puts up a decent fight against Kimbo, if the fight goes longer than the first minute of the first round. Otherwise Kimbo will likely catch him with a looping overhand punch that will stun him enough for Kimbo to pound him out.

I’d like to see how Kimbo fares against a mid-level fighter in his prime. My bet would be that he gets the holy tar kicked right out of him. Which is why we won't see anything resembling a good fight for Kimbo anytime soon, Elite XC would be flushing one of their main paychecks down the toilet.

And Ken just needs to call it a career and ride off into the sunset to train his rising protégés or something.

Next up for discussion will be Brock "Don't Make Fun of My Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Hairstyle" Lesnar and his recent ass kicking of Heath Herring.
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