A Whole New Way to Commute

The Parajet Skycar: Britain's zero-carbon flying dune buggy makes use of some existing technology in a new way to arrive at a whole different way to travel.

A paragliding car would make getting to work absolutely easy and fun. Think how awesome it would be to cruise up to speed, pop up off the ground and then float (at up to 70 miles per) over the grid-locked traffic full of deeply, deeply jealous people.

What a sweet way to get to around. Oh yeah, it also runs on bio-diesel, is optimized for lightness, uses a continuously variable transmission and the production model will sport an aluminum frame for greater weight savings. The engine is a modified Yamaha R1 motorcycle engine for good efficiency and speed.

Future enhancements should include: whisper mode to sneak up on people, downward facing speakers to annoy the hell out of people stuck in traffic, laser light shows built into the undercarriage to give the cage ragers something to look at as you pass them by (doubles as a UFO hoax propagation device), sidewinder missiles, water balloon launcher and deployable pontoons for water landings.

I want one of these. Badly.
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