Summer Vacation

It occurred to me today while splashing around in the warming up and newly refilled hot tub, that my summer vacation has been really pretty wonderful in most respects. No big trips to exotic destinations, any trips I'd planned to head down to Big Sur have been scrapped as the area is still burning and not especially scenic right now unless you like lunar landscapes. Also, with gas costing so much even a trip up to San Francisco takes on a whole other level of expense (we're about 70 miles from SF, that's nearly three gallons of gas there and then three back for a minimum of $25 just to drive there).

But not every vacation requires a destination, sometimes a vacation just requires the right company, some nice weather and some fun stuff to do.

Like yesterday, I went swimming with the boys in our hot tub that's not back up to full temp again yet (I just refilled it the other day and it takes about 36 hours to heat back up). The water was around 85 degrees and just perfect for playing in. And boy did we play. We three splashed around for about an hour and a half and we all laughed so much that my neighbor commented on it from his room above our deck.

Sometimes a vacation is just spending smiling time with the ones you love. Not that I wouldn't complain if we were spending that time on a beach in Hawaii but I'm certainly not complaining about spending our time together here. I'm sure I'd feel a bit different if I didn't have access to so much cool stuff so close by.
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