John McCain is a creepy, jowly nutter. His grasp of the universe is tenuous, the shaking of his jowls when he turns his head too quickly is tremorous, his attempt to blame high gas prices on Barack Obama is ridiculous and he shows more and more everyday just how much worse we could get after Dubya goes away. His grasp of reality and his willingness to lie knowing that people know he's lying is very difficult to even consider overlooking. And then there is his desire to occupy Iraq indefinitely despite the Iraqi and American people wanting the end the war as soon as we can and bring our troops home.

If the election were between McCain and a slightly retarded goat, I'd go with the goat. Luckily his opponent's Barack Obama, a guy who looks more and more presidential, more and more like the obvious clear choice for everyone regardless of political affiliation (he, I wrote affliction first).

I kind of expect an absolute landslide crushing of McCain by Obama. I'm starting to think most other people do to. But over-confidence is a good way to get a kick right upside the head, just ask Brodie Farber.
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