Not So Independence-y

Because of the wild fires raging all across the state, fireworks sales were blocked locally and there were flashing signs on the entrance roads to Watsonville warning against the use of illegal fireworks.

In Aptos, there were still some fireworks being shot off but it was nowhere near like years past. The crowds were much smaller, the beach was much emptier and there were po-po's everywhere. It really didn't feel a whole lot like an Independence Day celebration to me.

Especially when Grady and I walked out to Seacliff and the authorities had set up huge lights to shine into people's faces making any fireworks observing suck, badly. It was still a nice night and we all had a good time at the party, including Nande until the explosions started and she started panting and didn't stop until after I fell asleep. The boys had tons of fun running around, P had lots of fun socializing and chatting and getting a buzz on, and I had a good time hanging out with my boys (the party boys as well as my little boys).

But the message about fireworks was received. Normally our street would be littered with debris from multiple "launch stations" up and down it. But, when we pulled onto our street at 10:30 or so, not a single spent mortar tube, not a single spinner casing, not a single person out and about. There were random explosions across the city but nothing even approaching the mayhem and cordite blanket from years past.

Not a bad Fourth of July by any stretch, though I do wish I could have slept in a little bit, this whole waking up at 6:30 crap sucks. But at least my throat isn't raw from inhaling so much smoke. I just uploaded my camera and not a single picture of fireworks to be found. Very unusual indeed.

Of course, the fires down south are even worse today than they were the last time I wrote about them. And there are more fires roaring all over the state. It is a bad time to be underbrush around here. Which reminds me, I need to get the little hill in the backyard raked out and the straw tinder gone, I just wetted it all down last night but its got to go.

Happy 4th of July to everyone, I hope it was a safe, fun and wildfire free evening for all.
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