Improving Themselves into Oblivion

I noticed that the annoying Yahoo Beta My Yahoo home page upgrade bar at the top of my old My Yahoo homepage has become more sinister. It is now a countdown clock to when my current and well liked page will be forced to upgrade to the new look and site.

Here's the thing, I've seen the My Yahoo future and, frankly, it sucks ass and I won't use it. I've already migrated my widgets and feeds to my iGoogle home page which isn't being forced to do anything except work for me.

Yahoo is also being courted again by the idiot bastards from Redmond that suck the life and fun out of pretty much everything they touch. Its time to put Yahoo on a liferaft with a token bottle of water and a handful of saltines and push 'er off.

Forcing me to upgrade to the new Yahoo home page is the last straw, this relationship has been strained for months now.

What don't I like about the "improved" home page? The layouts force me to have a big honking and annoying ad in a prime real estate spot well above the fold on the left column. The text is a lot harder to read, they changed fonts, sizes and other stuff to make the text more difficult to look at, read and understand. I'm sure I could eventually figure out how to get the font to look like the old homepage but that's a pain in the ass being arbitrarily just handed to me.

There's no reason to change over to a new page and, in doing so, Yahoo will lose a few more customers that it can ill afford to lose. I'm one of them. There will be two reasons for me to visit any Yahoo pages from here on out, I have an email address I tend to use for throwaway sites that require my email before allowing me entry. Two, I do play Yahoo fantasy sports. Sorry, there is a third reason, Yahoo's coverage of MMA (that's mixed martial arts) is better than any other site I know of. Good columnists, a good mix across the mma spectrum (or did you think the UFC was the only game in town? that'd be the excellent marketing job done by Dana White's boys).

Three things, Yahoo. That's all you've got left for me. And once I integrate Yahoo Mail into my Google homepage, that'll be one less thing.
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