The Great American Idol Tryouts Tour

It is time once again for bad singers to emerge from the woodwork to warble for American Idol judges to shred them for having no talent at all. I have no problem with people trying out for the show, heck I just tried out for Survivor. But there is apparently a Tryout Tour taking place that involves following the tryouts from state to state across the country so they can wait in a stupid long line again. Again to be told that they cannot sign. Again.

Far be it from to judge another's choice of leisuretime activity but this one of touring a tryout to get rejected time and again seems dumber than most other reasons for a road trip I've ever heard of. When I was a kid we would go on tour following the Grateful Dead, this AI Tryout Tour just seems kind of desperate and pathetic.

I am sure that some are doing it because they feel they could have sung better during their audition and I am sure that's true in some cases. Just as I am also sure that many on the tour are repeating their audition to try and get on tv for their moment of fame.

Besides, American Idol is ageist as they cutoff contestants at 35, or they did the last time I checked or cared.
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