The First Step on the Road to Survivor Glory

I drove out to Salinas this afternoon because KION was holding open casting for the next season of Survivor. It took a long time to fill out the application and I probably got a little too irreverent in it but I hope the reviewers see it as funny and not annoying.

The process was kind of cool but I wish it weren't quite so hot, over 90 in the sun, and that I hadn't been dumb enough to wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts (I figured I might be there until it got darkish and cooled off).

There were already thirty or forty people waiting before I got parked and in line. Actually there was no line by that point. I just checked in, the very cute girl checked my paperwork, stapled it all together and gave me a number, 44. That was it. Then I got to sit, listen to music on my phone, read my Popular Science and read the first thirty pages or so of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

I did, of course, size up my competition and saw a couple of folks that might make for interesting contestants but none that were as undeniably awesome as I was/am. There was the short older guy who wanted to be the clown, he even rode a unicycle and juggled with plungers stuck to his bald head. I didn't find him very entertaining and felt he was trying way to hard.

Then there was Xena the Warrior Princess' sister and a couple of guys who looked like there were on day 15 already (beat up clothes, hat and scruff).

All in all, I'd say I did well for not really knowing what to expect. I got called in with the others near my number. The last group is just winding up so you get to sit and watch for a minute. When my number was called, I took my application up, got mic'ed up and stepped up on to the stage with the camera and the really bright sober light in my eyes. I was tempted to put my sunglasses on but its much harder to tell when someone's being earnest when they're eyes are obscured.

Anyway, I had two minutes to sell myself. I started out with the requisite reason for why I wanted to be on the show, I've been a fan since the first season and wanted to see how well I could do. I talked about my little family and setting a positive role model example for my boys to look up to.

Before I knew it, the guy was flashing the sign for 30 seconds left and I wrapped up with a bit about what I like to do for sports and that I'd be a great contestant because I'm smart and physically capable of handling and excelling at the challenges and surviving.

Now I get to wait a few weeks while someone somewhere reviews all the submissions. I think it would be a total hoot to get on the show and, once I was there, there's no telling just how far I really could go since I really do think I've got a great set of skills to take into one of these games. Plus, I'd be able to show everyone that the flint is buried in magnesium and you can just about start a fire in a monsoon if you get a pile of magnesium shavings before you start sparking the flint. I can't believe no one's done that thus far, drives me crazy. Or I'll make a fire bow and start a fire by friction. That would be fun, start a fire like four different ways.

No idea where the show would be taped, maybe Gabon on the west coast of Africa under the "nose" but I might be conjuring that up. Either way, a fun experience and I hope it leads to something more fun!

PS And no, no Jeff Probst roaming around giving wry encouragement.
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