Fight Wrap

Everything's already been said about the free UFC Fight Night event over the weekend where Anderson Silva, the best fighter in the world at 185 pounds, moved up to 205 to see if he was as good there.

Short answer is yes, yes he is just as good. He's bigger, he still strikes sharply but with more power and he looks damned near unbeatable. Really impressive first round knockout victory over James Irvin, who is most assuredly no slouch.

It was a good fight and quick enough to watch a couple of times in succession thanks to Tivo. But the slo-mo replays make me really wish for a HD-Tivo setup. But that won't be happening anytime soon.

And oh yeah, Jesse Taylor's return to the UFC was marred by a little thing called the Peruvian Necktie as performed on him by one CB Dolloway. Still a pretty good fight and I think we'll see more of both moving forward.
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