Cheapest Waterproof Case for iPhone Ever

So I had an epiphany while I was laying down with Sully and waiting for him to drift off to nappy time sleep. Probably already been "discovered" by others but ziplock baggies are a pretty easy and perfect way to protect your iPhone while in the pool or hot tub.

Because I'm super-anal retentive about protecting my goodies from watery destruction, I'm double wrapping mine. Heck, I'm thinking about putting a tissue in the outer layer baggy as an early leak warning system.

The only reason I want to have it available is to use Remote to keep some quality music playing. I don't need to check my email or Twitter updates, really.

And, with boys happily snoozing away right now, I think I'll go and soak in the tub as my back is a bit twisted out of shape right now thanks to all the lumber I hauled around over the last couple of days. Did you know how tough it is to heft a sheet of half inch (actually it .56 inches) plywood up and over your head to load on a roof rack? Its alot easier than the three quarter inch but its still pretty tiring stuff.

Post hot tub soak update. The iPhone in a baggie worked perfectly. The only snafu was when my screensaver came on and added the sound of a fish tank to my music. And I did use the internet while in the tub but only to get my chiropractor's phone number to make an appointment for Monday before I go riding.
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