The Calm Before a Four Boy Storm

Send calming and fun thoughts today, we're watching a friend's two little boys all day because she'll be in LA for a conference or meeting or something. They are both good kids and not screamers or trouble but doubling our "child load" means that today is going to inevitably be tiring.

I'm heading out to the store to get some food supplies, maybe I'll swing by Long's and see if I can pick up an inexpensive water slide or other fun group game toy too.

I've been pretty lax on the blog recently, not that I don't have stuff to write about but more that I'm having a hard time keeping my brain focused on one subject long enough to tap it out.

Ooh, just checked the news and saw that Randy Pausch passed away. I started reading The Last Lecture last week and like it so far (then it got buried on my desk for a few days).

Okay, off to the store, maybe with Sully since he just came wandering into the office.
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