Bad Parenting 101

I had to make a trip up to Target earlier today as we needed some batteries for one of Grady's birthday presents. While I was there, I saw a couple of boys around 12 or 13 years old riding their BMX bikes through the parking lot.

They had no helmets on and, I learned quickly enough, no brakes on their bikes. A car started coming at them and, rather than squeeze a brake lever to slow down or back pedal to engage a coaster brake, they both dropped their feet on the ground and skidded to a halt.

Which made me wonder what kind of an idiot parent gets their kid a bike without brakes and lets them go riding it through a busy parking lot filled with distracted parents in enormous SUVs without wearing helmets?

I was reminded of an old motorcycle saying about helmets, "If you've got a five dollar head then get yourself a five dollar helmet." I guess those boys have zero dollar heads or their parents think they have zero dollar heads.
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