The SNL Effect Formula

In response to Rick's "Meh" about Idiocracy in my movie review below, I've started to develop a way to gauge the relative suckitude of a movie that has current or former cast members from the once proud and damned funny Saturday Night Live. Note, I say once funny because I haven't found much on the show to laugh at aside from Ashlee Simpson's lip-syncing ridiculousness.

I'm sure others have arrived at this formula before.

There is an inverse relationship between the overall funniness of a movie and the number of SNL cast members in it. Or that should read the overall potential funniness of the movie. If there's just one then there's a good chance its going to be funny. Two means its still got a decent chance at being funny. Three means its getting close to being sympathy funny (if you run into the cast member or a member of their family you'll lie and tell them you loved it) but it has its moments. Four means it probably isn't funny and you'll go out of your way to avoid them. Five or more means it very likely sucks ass and you demanded your money back.

While this formula isn't fullproof and I'm sure there are exclusions and I can't really think of any off the top of my head, it is a reasonably good guideline when you're getting to rent a movie.

In Idiocracy's case, there's Maya Rudolph, David Herman and that's all I could find in the cast without spending more time than this post is worth on. I bet there's at least one or two other minor cast members in there which would put it at a three or four in the formula.