One Major Step Done in the iTunes Library Consolidation

Without much fanfare yesterday afternoon I completed step one in a long project to consolidate and clean up and categorize and make the most of my iTunes libraries. I'd somehow gotten myself into an arrangement with multiple libraries with lots of crossover music but no one place where all of it resided together.

When I got my laptop back from Apple with a much larger hard drive I was given the opportunity to drag and drop four or five libraries into iTunes and then go through the slow process of removing duplicates. When I started I had more than 6000 duplicated songs, most were simple dupes but a good proportion were live versions of studio songs and not really things I wanted to get rid of.

I did a little bit here and there every few nights and, over the course of about a month, whittled down the duplicate list.

The next step has already begun, making sure all of an artist is listed in the same genre, adding ratings and re-categorizing songs in their own unique genre (I've got stuff like House Punk, Retro Dancehall, one just labeled cmz, Soft Rock and more).

The next consolidation project after the music one is to collect all of my photos (somewhere around 20,000 of them by now).