More Fire Fridays!

More Smoke Over Another SchoolHelicopter Water BombI had to hang out at work for a couple of extra hours yesterday since somebody set a grassfire that go out of control really quickly and burned down at least 9 structures including some houses. The big smoke cloud photo was taken from my school some 8 or 9 miles away. The helicopter was one of two that was buzzing the highway on the way home and the CDF investigation team was set up on the median strip of the highway and watching the hillside slowly burn itself out.
CDF Investigators
And everything smells like a campfire this morning.

In a bit of potentially good news, there is some serious debate about whether or not to sell fireworks locally. This is one of the few places you can buy fireworks but, given the dryness of the area and the multiple fires we've already had, the authorities are giving some thought to not allowing any sales. And I'd be fine with that. I'm sure Nande would be too since she spends all night panting and freaked out by the illegal fireworks being set off.