Jackass Liar Gets Blognation Comeuppance

Bloggers Get Obama Accuser Hauled Off in Handcuffs from the National Press Club where he was slandering Obama with unsubstantiated lies in an attempt to smear him.

The only trouble is that Larry Sinclair was wanted on some outstanding warrants. Oops.

Sinclair was the subject of a petition campaign to prevent his addressing the National Press Club with his complete fabrications dressed as fact about sex and drug use with Barack Obama. Allegations he could not substantiate and further failed a lie detector test about.

But that didn't stop the NPC from giving him a podium and an audience.

Which basically says that the National Press Club is uninterested in actual news, they just want the sizzle. The sizzle, in this instance, is their credibility burning up. As it should be. Giving exposure to such an obvious charlatan defies logic or any semblance of integrity.

Sinclair is a lone swift boater trying to knock Obama down. In a few months, his attempt will seem almost quaint when the GOP hate machine has spun up to full speed anger spewage (ding, ding, ding, we have a new word of the day alert!).