I Hate The Naked Cowboy™

I'm sure you've seen the uber-lameness that is The Naked Cowboy, Robert Burck, on display in New York's Time Square. The guy is basically an idiot who stands around in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and an adult diaper playing a guitar (badly) and singing (badly) for tourist photos and cash.

He's a panhandler with a hook. A lame and falsely advertised one at that. Naked isn't an adult diaper. Naked is your cock fluttering in the breeze. And cowboys do not play guitars on street corners for handouts. They ride horses, chase down stray cattle and actually do things. They don't stand around looking like an idiot in their underwear playing the same incredibly tired one line song.

Would you like me to recreate The Naked Cowboy's entire music repertoire? Here ya go.
"Well, I'm the Naked Cowboy, coming to your town." Done. That's it. He strums his guitar and sings some variation of that one, tired and incredibly lame line.

The Naked Cowboy makes his money by posing for photos with idiot tourists who think he's actually some kind of celebrity in his diaper. The Naked Cowboy is also looking to cash in by suing Mars Candy for their unlicensed use of his trademarked image and brand (no shit). Just goes to show you that, if you keep doing one thing stupidly enough for long enough, someone will spoof it and you can try to cash in on it.

I'd like to suggest a new "game" to play with The Naked Cowboy. Its called "Kick Him in the Balls for YouTube" and the title is pretty much the whole game. Let's see videos of The Naked Cowboy getting kicked in the balls, I guess still photos would work to but he requests a donation for those.