God Dumbed

** Warning, religious smackdown ahead, veer off if you're going to get peeved. **

We atheists (or cynical agnostics on a good day) have long thought that believing in God is an indicator of IQ. That those who fervently believe are, generally and across populations, not as intelligent as those who do not believe. Part of the reasoning for this is because more intelligent people tend to be better educated and more likely to question faith.

Anecdotal evidence is everywhere. George Bush loves to thump the Bible (and has claimed that it is his guiding manual above the Constitution and Bill of Rights which he's SWORN to uphold) and he's an absolute fucking idiot.

Not to say that all people who have strong religious beliefs are sub-par intelligences. That would be rather stupid to presume. But, as London Metropolitan University's Dr. David Hardman says "...there is evidence from other domains that higher levels of intelligence are associated with a greater ability - or perhaps willingness - to question and overturn strongly felt intuitions."

In short, the stupid don't question, they believe. The intelligent question and, sometimes, discard religious thought as unnecessary foofery that explains nothing that can't be explained by science. It is still debatable about the tangental effects of strong beliefs, does a religious person have a more rigid moral code, a richer spiritual understanding of the universe

The problem in all of this is that it is hard to argue with a religious nut because, in addition to their foam-flecked faith, they're usually dumb. Not all but usually the loudest and most devout.