Fashions for the Blind and Mentally Handicapped

I've long held that fashion shows are just a way to ogle pretty people in hideous clothes. And, of course, fawn all over the designer who created those cutting edge experiments in completely useless clothing. Take our handsome boy on the left there in his chest thong. There is no way, no how that ridiculous looking piece of shit outfit is ever going to be adopted as daily wear.

I'm sure there's some message being conveyed by the black stripe descending into the fabric around his crotch but who cares? It looks uncomfortable and, more importantly, stupid.

Make the thong part into a bandoleer filled with shot glasses or slightly angled throwing knives and we'll talk. Not for long but longer than we would if you were trying to sell me on this stupid outfit. The corn rows aren't doing him any favors either.

I wonder if it comes with black socks and sandals too?