Embracing FireFox 3 and its Themes and Extensions

I've had FireFox 3 installed for the last week or so (whichever day the new version was officially released and the record breaking attempt was started).

One of the truly best things about the browser is that it is completely extensible, customizable and malleable. Just this morning I was very happy to find out that my favorite (nay, only) theme has been updated to work with FireFox 3. Its called OldFactory Black and is only available on Alex's website for now, it should be added to the Mozilla add-ons page within a few days but I've posted the link the reviews on the FF2 version of the theme.

Among the other extensions that I've installed and love.
Twitterbar - easy updating your Twitter via the address bar.
FlashBlock - take control of Flash animations. This should be included in the default download of FireFox.
FoxyTunes - take control of music and sounds. Control your iTunes, control website music and more, all in the bottom bezel of your browser screen. Also allows easy addition of music into emails, blog posts and other places. Very cool!
PicLens - if you do anything with images, photos or graphics online, get and use PicLens. It makes viewing images cool and fast and awesome. Really. Integration with Flickr makes it absolutely fantastic. The newest version also supports videos too but I've not played around with that aspect so much.
FaviconizeTab - if you are like me and end up with more than a dozen tabs open at once then you'll get some utility out of FaviconizeTab. It reduces the tab to just the favicon giving you more space on your tab bar for more tabs.
Gspace - this lets you make use of all that free mail space you get with Gmail as online storage for video, photos, whatever you want.
Delicious Bookmarks - the official add-on for the online bookmark sharing site. Nicely integrated!

Other useful stuff. Type about:config into your address bar and you'll be asked if you are sure you want to proceed. Click yes and you'll be presented with an amazing assortment of options to adjust, speed up, expand and otherwise tweak your FireFox so that it is exactly what you want for your needs and bandwidth. Seriously, you can change just about every aspect of the application. I wouldn't recommend diving and changing settings willy-nilly, best to get yourself a guide before going crazy.

All of this is just scratching the surface of what FireFox can do and why it so absolutely smokes every other browser available. Got a favorite extension I don't know about? Leave a note in the comments and let me know.

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