The AP Tries to Decree What Fair Use Costs

Techdirt: Associated Press: Fair Use Limits You To Four Words; Five Words Costs $12.50

The Associated Press is operating with its head firmly planted between its butt cheeks and sniffing its own gaseous emissions.

They are trying to rewrite copyright law in order to generate revenue streams by charging bloggers and web-users for quoting AP stories. I'm sure this will go over almost as well as Larry Craig's toilet stall toe tap defense.

If you've gotten a bill from the AP then post a comment. I think the AP took an extra handful of stupid pills this month.

The AP's actions amount to nothing more than vigilante copyrightism. Much like the RIAA sending out threatening letters to thousands and thousands of people who may or may not have downloaded music. Both have no legal justification for it and they're merely hoping to scare people into compliance since most people cannot afford to fight a huge company on their own dime and its far cheaper to just send them their demanded payment. But paying them condones them and they are absolutely in the wrong.