Another Ultimate Fighter Finale with a Twist

The latest season of The Ultimate Fighter culminated in a fight between the finalist and the semi-finalist he'd already beaten coming back for another fight due to drunken rampage by the other finalist. If that didn't make sense then good, its not really supposed to.

The finalist who got booted, Jesse Taylor, will be back. He's a character, he's a really good fighter and now his return can be hyped up. If he does reasonably well then we'll likely see a rematch of the supposed to be finale of Amir against Jesse.

I have to say that I thought Amir took the fight-off and repeat of the semi-final in stride. I would have been pissed off about it really. He just beat CB and now CB gets another chance at winning the show even though he had been eliminated? Kind of bogus. But that's what has to happen when the unknown happens.

The finale was not the fight of the night. I'd have to give that one to Spencer Fisher against Jeremy Stevens. I have become a big fan of Spencer Fisher and his lightning punches. The guy is a great fighter and provides a good fight regardless of who's fighting against. I would have liked to have seen Matt Brown vs Matt Arroyo. And I did enjoy seeing Diego Sanchez kick some ass over Luigi Fiorvanti.

Next weekend is the Pay-Per-View light heavyweight championship fight between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, the champ, and Forrest Griffin. I'd like to see the fight but I'm not seeing myself drop forty five or fifty bucks for it. Let's see who else is on the card. Okay, some Melvin Guillard, some Cole Miller (Jay's UFC twin), some Josh Koscheck, and some Tyson Griffin. Not a bad card at all and I'm sure some of these fights are going to be solid.

I'll be curious as to what the next season of TUF brings, I like how the show keeps evolving to improve itself and provide more balanced fights and less focus on the annoying house drama. Actually, my idea was to keep the current regular show format but add another half hour behind-the-scenes at the house show for the viewers who want more background (and their girlfriends/wives who get squeemed out by the fights themselves).

Amir is a different kind of Ultimate Fighter and I'm going to enjoy watching his future fights. I think he will be able to go as far as he chooses to go.