When Collaboration is a Bad Idea

One of my favorite blogs, Gallery of the Absurd, merged with Circus Hour many months ago. The author of GotA is 14, a very talented artist with a very sly wit and a finger on the pulse of what's hawt and tawdry in celeb-gossip.

Candy, the author of Circus Gallery, is also focused on celebrity gossip so you'd think the combination of their blogs would result in a Grade-A kickass blogaliciousness.

However, Candy's posts are less sly and witty and alot more snide, snippy and kind of just come of as the rantings of someone who's sort of bitter. I'm sure she isn't bitter and I'm sure plenty of people love her posts. Far too much of her posts are trying to be clever and funny and they just come off as desperate and mean-spirited.

But the signal to noise ratio of 14's superb posts to Candy's annoying posts quickly became more of a hassle than a pleasure to read. Sometimes collaboration isn't the quickest route to a better blog. Sometimes you should just stick with what's working as its working.

As it is, I stopped reading Circus Hours months ago and just tonight I finally unsubscribed from GotA because it is no longer going to be anything resembling the blog I once liked. And Circus Hour is just annoying.

And I'm kind of pissed off about having to drop the blog because they wouldn't set up RSS feeds for each blogger, just the whole blog and Candy posts probably five times as much as 14. And, as stated earlier, Candy's posts were just a waste of my time.