Breaking News: The Rocket Adds Adulterer and Statutory Rapist to his Resume

Report: Clemens had relationship with Mindy McCready which started when she was 15 years old. But his attorney swears it wasn't sexual. Oh no, of course not.

Which is to say, Roger Clemens is an even bigger asshole scumbag than anyone knew. And that's saying alot given his outrageous defense of the steroid allegations against him and lying to Congress.

One really important thing to keep in mind when providing testimony to Congressional committees is that lying to them can (and should) mean jail time.

I expect additional charges will be brought against if these new allegations are true. That and I expect more and more of his friends to abandon him since these charges are not about cheating at baseball but banging a 15 year old country singer for half her life.

Nice work, Rocket. I hope your life continues to disintegrate around you. Methinks your loud protestations of your innocence and the misrememberation by all those around will be your ultimate downfall.

Hall of Fame? Hell, you're going to be lucky to keep your filthy ass out prison.