Why I Buy Brand Name Electronics

Because I rather prefer my About Us pages to contain, you know, actual information and not the blankness one finds at iBoost's site.

Not that Apple actually has an About Us page but they've got real information, real support and real people who read your tech support requests.

I'm trying to help out a student who's gotten an iBoost 1 gig MP3/4 player that has, for all intents and purposes, become a Nano-esque little brick with a bright little LCD that stucks on an hourglass shape.

And now, instead of the it-just-works-Nano, this student is stuck in the why-doesn't-it-work limbo.

The "support" docs on the iBoost site are pathetically inadequate (tiny multi-page pdfs written by someone for whom English is not their primary language) and the lack of third party insights on web searches does not speak well to any chance of recovering this little player. The "manual" starts, after a breathless overview of the player's features, with this delightful mashup of language "Welcome to choose our produce, please read this manual carefully" and it does not improve from there.

Knockoffs may look just as good as the originals but they almost never work as well or last as long. I buy brand name electronics because it ends up being cheaper in the long run because I have to buy things once.

And I feel bad for the kid, he doesn't know the difference, he just wants to listen to his music. And his parents just wanted to save a few bucks.