Save the Money for Your Incarceration, Kill Yourself Now

Convicted Calif. Molester Jumps to Death because he was facing 20 hard years in prison for repeatedly molesting a young girl over a five year period.

I wish I could feel bad for the guy but he knew what he was doing, did it over a long period of time and was convicted of it. That he committed suicide rather than spend a long time getting his ass kicked in prison is really okay with me.

I hate to say it but the world is a better place without him. He was guilty, he was a disgusting pedophile and his suicide will actually save alot of money.

Some might consider his suicide a miscarriage of justice but I think its a speeded up sentencing and carrying out of that sentence.

I think that convicted criminals should be given the option to die rather than face a lifetime in prison. I think that suicide should be embraced as a respectable way to atone for your crimes. It certainly means you won't be a repeat offender.

I've always thought how odd it is that the police would fight to save him just to lock him in a room for 20 years. Why not skip right to the end and let him die? Is that cold of me? I can be colder, why not let his victim be the one that pushes him off the building?