Sally Kern Fears Teh Gay!

Okay, I'll freely admit that no part of Oklahoma is on any of my to-visit lists. I just don't see the point of going there for much of any reason. And even less so when a state rep goes on the record as saying the "Homosexual Agenda" is a bigger threat than terrorist extremists. Um, come again? How is two men or two women engaging in consensual sex more dangerous than nutters who want nothing less than the absolute destruction of our entire country?

Sally Kern - Gays Not Welcome in Oklahoma which is fine and all, I can understand being an intolerant, narrow-minded asshole. And I can understand that other narrow-minded, intolerant assholes elected her. And she has every right to voice her opinion, just as I have every right to ridicule her for her ridiculous assertions and fears.

Seriously, gay sex is more dangerous to America than terrorism? Please stop sniffing your own farts, Sally. I think you need some fresh oxygen in your brain.

I'm not gay (nor have I played "a gay" on tv) but I am a tolerant and open-minded man who would need to have a coherent argument as to how and why homosexuality should be banned. I just don't see it. I don't see how love, in almost any form, is a bad thing. I don't see how two people who just happen to be the same sex cannot share love for each other and why it is such a fear-inducing act in other people who have no stake, no direct involvement just a mad amount of butt-insky-itis. Watch after your own affairs and quit worrying so much about the buggery down the street.