Play With This!

Check out PicLens and load up an image search and have fun sweeping along a wall of images, browsing to stop and look at just one for a moment before sweeping further along.

You can do Google and Yahoo image searches, Flickr and others too. It is mesmerizing and a fantastic way to explore.

In chatting about it with a teacher today, I had the idea of a Flickr search sorted by date for Burning Man to start at the beginning and go all the way through to the end. I'm sure the search would have to be narrowed down some as it's likely a rather large pool of photos. But its a cool idea.

I suppose it would even be possible to set it up to show photos live with a camera with a wireless card on board. How sweet would that be? Photos appearing on a wall of photos in near real-time of the event you're at? I loves the tech!

And I'm going to build a little demo slideshow now. Be back in a few, I hope.